maandag 18 november 2013

Le Chevalier D'Eon

About the series: I really like this animation a lot its well made. and the story is great because theres happening a lot in it. because every character seem to have his one agenda. but besides that is feels almost like your be able to see historical France, Russia and England during this series.

the story all starts when D'Eon de Beaumont discovers that his sister is murder in a mysterious way.
and he have to know what happend to here. on that day and what is behind al this strange advents.

Type of movie: Mysterie, history, paranormal, "realistic", adventure, sword fighting, betrayal,

King of Thorn

about the movie: the trailer I have seen about it let me think it was a different story. so when I watched it was soon clear it go's in a different direction I was thinking it would. but I didn't mind that at all because I think the story was great. it was interesting put together so its makes you wonder until the end. and personally I like that.

so I'm a bit care full to not tell to much about it. in the movie King of Thorn is the hole world plagued by the Medusa virus. and because this virus is so dangerous. is there a special program started to freeze in a select group of people. until there is a cure for this disease. but you can imagine that this is not easy to leave every one behind.

criticism: well theres not really one. the only thing I do find noticeable. was that at some point's in the movie they use CG in stead of hand drawn animation. and because that was so nicely done. was it noticeable when they use a different method of working. because the hand drawn looks more organic and CG more stiff in compression.
but with that said its not terrible bye any means so it docent district you from the story. and finding the clue's with in the movie.

Type of movie: Mysterie, adventure, survival, disaster, Horror (little bit), monsters, near by future, "realistic",